Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blaming The Kids

It's been 10 years i've beenobserving your closely
Admires on the thin that you been doing so far
Nothing moves me to close to the heart for reasons
To belive that youwould be here for the scene

Excuse me for beingrude but so far there nothing
To be proud of the action that you take were only
Blaming the kids for doingthe wrong thing for you.

Blaming the kids for ne reason that you look in your past
Your principle got jaded,Time changes and the rules faded
Its time to rarange the whole fucking game...

Blaming These kids there no way to fit in these scene
This is what we feels if you keep pushing these kid away..

So you got married and this life you chooseits the
Only excuse you could use for protecting yourself
From the falls you slipping into the the pools of guilty
Of being such an honorable fake young man in the past

I guess we moving on with or without you because
You only weighing my thouhts about how i should
Feel and live thelife that it should be in a complete
Fools trap in the past of misery that you been living

You are haunted by your past when u try to drag me
Into the nightmare when you sleep,I keep awake
And keep fighting your ghost until the sunrise comes
I be shinig keep my feet on the ground celebrating my victory

You said 10 years building is a blink of sweet dreams
The foundations had broke me into into hundred pieces
You broke my heart when you claim forglory now
I thought you have all the sincerity but now u give in

Those times weve been through the hardship were fake
We face only left for a moment in your empty scheme
sacrifying is not about paying tools with money
But to you is what reputations badly need to sneak in.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hembusan Pertama...

Nie adalah blog  yg kali ketiga gua buat...
Blog sblum nie...dah kene blocked dek yahoo...gua pn tak thu knapa..
Gua  bru nak berjinak jinak...Awal2 gua mnx maaf if apa kalau ada salah tulis..
Tapi kebiasaannya gua persetankan dan tak ambil peduli.
Otak gua karat,
Jiwa gua sarat,
Hidup gua larat,
Tapi gua tahu,ada lagi yang tempuh hidup lebih palat .